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Search engines optimization (SEO) is known by many marketers as the magic wand in internet business. If you’re blessed and your website appears for many sorts of searches on Google (as well as other search engines), then you are the lucky receiver of free traffic, which hopefully will bless you with plenty of sales. People […]

7 SEO Myths revealed Ranking in the top of search engines, like Google, is vital when attempting to run and monetize an online business. This is the reason why Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O) has evolved as an art form as well as its own niche; everybody wants to know the “formula” of how to get to the first page and will devote their time and […]

creating a good quality content Today we suggest to share with you one of the major challenges of the web; creating good quality content. The content quality of your website is vital to a successful SEARCH ENGINE RANKING OPTIMIZATION. Content is king. You will hear that term frequently when it comes seo success. Indeed, that’s […]