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 Learn How To Academy scam Review

How to academy scam “Learn How To Academy”, by Dianne Fisher, found at and is an elaborate con known as the link posting scam.

Dowlatābād raging bull casino online slots Learn How To Academy and scams like it are in nearly all cases run repeat offenders, so unless Google cracks down, they will continue to perpetrate these schemes ad infinitum and ad nauseum.

donk bet As weary as it gets reporting on the same scam under different names, I acknowledge that this is most likely new to you, our faithful reader, so I will not gloss over the details of how the Learn How To Academy scam works. This scam goes by many names and uses the same cloned site design with little to no changes made bad site after bad site.

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Requena hard rock online casino They have since changed their design look but we still have the original screenshot you can see above.

Looks like they might be running out of good names because Learn How To Academy is about as lame as they get. It is neither an academy nor any kind of institute whatsoever.

Watch out for phony certification titles, (that don’t really exist in the real world), like Wealth Development Certification and Search Engine Agent Program.

First, they have the audacity to call Learn How To Academy a “learning center”, hoping to blend in among actual legitimate sites that actually do help people.

Representatives at Learn How To Academy have contacted us with attempts to strongarm and intimidate us.

We are protected under the First Amendment of our beloved Constitution of these United States.

We have also been in contact with sources who work with the FTC and the FBI and I can assure you, these fine government institutions will be focusing their microscopes on them now that they are even more closely in our sights.

I have provided them with the contact info the Learn How To Academy rep who contacted us provided.

The people who run Learn How To Academy really do try to make it look real, but you must watch out for several things that give the scam away to the trained eye.

At the top, you will see news channel logos. Almost every site with products to sell has these.

The legitimate ones usually do advertise on them. Learn How To Academy does not. Take a look at the disclaimers and fine print to see the truth.

Not only that, we have been in contact with people associated with some of the news networks who will also be taking a closer look at these schemers who run Learn How To Academy.

I also provided the news networks with the contact info their rep provided me with as well. The scammers are now in their sights, too.

However, seeing those logos can be psychologically reassuring to the untrained eye and the damage is done.

Next: the “3 job positions left” con. This trick is the stock and trade for scams like Learn How To Academy.

It simultaneously urges you with a call to action and makes you think there’s an actual job of some kind.

They’re misleading people with promises of positions at legitimate jobs, but there is no chance that Learn How To Academy will help you at all with that reality, I regret to report.

Next is the phony rags to riches story about a single working mother with no skills that used Learn How To Academy and now rules the planet, or some such nonsense.

The rep at the venture that runs it admitted to me that the character in question, Dianne Fisher is a phony made up name.

It’s not real and neither is the generic stock image photo supposedly of Dianne Fisher, who doesn’t actually exist in this industry.

Further, down the page, you will see a mansion, a yacht, and sports car. There is no way on earth that anyone can make that kind of money doing anything with this link posting scam – except maybe running the scam itself.

Do not be fooled by the fake testimonials or the doctored checks either. Nothing you will see on Learn How To Academy is true or real.

Nothing except for the fine print which tells you nothing you see is real above the fine print. Ah, lawyers, the last bastion of sleazy weasels.

*I should notify you that these “people” (I use the term loosely) have since changed their web design to give the illusion that they are legitimate.

The site owners have completely overhauled their landing page since we wrote this review before they sent us an email threatening to issue a cease and desist order against us, but the fact remains we have proof of the original scam design in our screen shots evidence.

The FTC has gone after scammers like the people that run Learn How To Academy and there is hard proof of crimes committed. I’ve been shown court transcripts of how they operate.

In layman’s terms, one part of their scheme, the defendants promised consumers that they would earn thousands of dollars a month using defendants’ useless coaching program to assist them in establishing their own online businesses.

Instead of showing consumers how to earn the income Learn How To Academy promises, the websites tried to sell them more products or services once you sign up with Learn How To Academy.

This site features video footage copied and used without permission from NBC Universal’s Philadelphia, PA affiliate. This footage is used on hundreds of known scam sites across the internet.

The owners of the footage had no idea it was being used without their authorization and will be looking very closely for these infringements as well.

This site made the following statement (see screen shot above) — “If you can spare 60 minutes a day, we can offer you a certified, proven and guaranteed a home job to make up to $379/day from home!”

This language was specifically and almost identically cited by the FTC in a press release issued on Feb. 24, 2014 in which the Federal Agency stated,
“They sold these kits, which typically cost from $37 to $99, with claims such as:

If You Can Spare 60 Minutes A Day, We Can Offer You a Certified, Proven And Guaranteed Home Job To Make $379/Day From Home!

Seriously, the first horrible thing that happens to you if you do happen to somehow sign up with Learn How To Academy is the virtual mountain of spam from them selling your info to their third party clients.

Then there come the aggressive sales calls from questionable characters who will do their very best to separate you from your money with useless upsells.

The other worst thing is that we have received complaints from unhappy users who said Learn How To Academy took money out of their accounts without their authorization on a regular basis until they get wise and called their banks to cancel.

I should also say you won’t get a refund from Learn How To Academy either.

Based on our investigation of this site, we do not recommend Learn How To Academy to our readers who are seeking a legitimate home-based income opportunity.

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