Learn How To Academy Scam AGAIN!

betamo casino online A different title for the same game. aguishly jackpot city fun play Diane Fisher. Same exact, same old, work from home link posting online scam. I would like to show you in this post why I am so sure that the Learn How To Academy System is a scam, and a repeated one at that.
I highly recommend you to stay away:
Please Do Not Be Fooled!!
Seems as if this scam will never be turned off and it becomes a kind of pain to continually post this Bull*** each time it grows a different head. However, I realize it’s a bit difficult to be discovered. My goal now is to reveal and provide you with proof of my allegations.However, I realize it’s a bit difficult to be discovered. My goal now is to reveal and provide you with proof of my allegations.
It may look a bit different but seriously, it is absolutely the same link posting scam as everyone of these others.


work@home13 work@home13 (2) work@home13 (1)

These are only a few. There are many, many more.

You see that these people take the exact same page and rename it to suit the particular rip-off. A somewhat new package on the outside of the same dirty technique on the inside. So let me talk a little about what it really is and what it entails.

They’ve Ever Changed the Head of the Hydra

This specific head has made a serious hard work to not be like others. For example, instead of proclaiming it is just a work from home job ( such as a great number of others ), however, this one pretends to be a learning center, but not just any learning center, the very first option for an internet career.



Once you sign up and move to the next area, you will be hit with the very sad story of a “woman” ( it is always a woman ) who calls herself casino kingston canada Bartoszyce Diane Fisher.



And here is one by another woman who calls herself wind river casino Debbie Jones.




Who is also Cami White:



Fake News Story On TV

The picture is not the same, ( give it time ) but the story line is. Works really, really hard, divorced at a young age, left to raise a child alone etc., etc. It goes on and on in the same manner. All pretty much identical.

Diane proclaims that the “Academy” has become showcased in the news on several popular channels, one more lie. It also comes with a “news report” an earmark on several other sites of different scams. As you can see here in this example.

excelone-261x300 learnhow3-300x246


This practice will be soon outlawed, based on the results of several legal cases filed by the FTC ( Federal Trade Commission ) in the USA. They also insert logos of famous news channels so that you can believe this is a real thing. When in fact they have not actually been advertised.


Fake Testimonials & recommendations

These scams are often peppered along with “testimonials” coming from “real persons” proclaiming how much money they make using this “system”. The Learn How To Academy scam is not really different. They don’t even make an effort to find new pictures. Look at this:




The one on the top is from the Financially Healthy scam, even though it says Home Income Source. The one in the bottom is from the Learn How To Academy Scam. These “testimonials” end up being passed around from scam to scam.

Job Description In The Learn How To Academy Scam

In previous scams like this one, the “job title” is called a “link posting agent” or a “search engine agent”. The Academy calls this job a ” link placement agent”.  So exactly what does this mean?.

The links they say  you will be posting are actually affiliate links. An affiliate link has an identifying tracking code embedded within the link placed there to make sure you receive commissions from a sale generated as a result of a referral from you. These types of links are provided to you when you become an affiliate of a company that has an affiliate program. You don’t work directly for the company, more like a sub-contractor.

(See also: Why It’s Great to Become An Affiliate Marketer)

They guarantee you an immediate opportunity of your choice. They never guarantee a job. Even going so far as to tell you it only takes a few minutes to sign up online and receive approval. It takes about ten minutes to fill out the form.

Security For Your Transactions

Non-existent on the one that came to my email box. For this reason alone, it’s not a good idea to get involved. They promise in their privacy policy, your private info i will be totally secure.



This is not the case. Look at the information in their “secure” page. The first two images are conflicted about the type of encryption:

learnhowsecure2 learnhowsecure.PNG.1


But This Is The Truth:



Please take this warning seriously!!!

They do guarantee a complete refund for you, which is only for the original program cost. Once you get inside, they will try to upsell you with a bunch of various garbage and one of those is a website. All that website consists of is really a page like their own, so you will become an affiliate and propagate their scam as a partner. There is absolutely no refund for these. If you get that involved you are out of luck.

Learn How To Academy is still the same old scam that we try here to warn people from. If you are serious to take your part of the pie in the making money from internet world, sure you will find better alternatives. Here in WorkFromHomeBeginner, we recommend strongly the 21 casino free spins Wittenberge Affilorama program which is one from the best step by step to start your making money online journey. LaPorte best dating chat rooms Click Here To Have An Idea


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