Banned from Google Adsense

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social casino Fuentes del Valle It’s in fact not uncommon to find out your account suspended from Google Adsense. If this is your case, you are going first to receive an email informing you of Google banishment your account. , if you attempt to access your Adsense interface, this error message will be displayed:

monopoly casino sister sites The AdSense account corresponding to this login address is currently disabled, We recommend that you check your inbox to see if you have not received a message from us on the status of your account. Sometimes our messages are blocked by filters. Therefore, also check that our message is not found in the spam folder of your email accounts.
If your account was disabled for invalid clicks, please see our FAQ on disabling accounts for additional information.

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Know that you are also free to directly contact Google Adsense for additional information regarding your banning … however, note that we won’t give you any details. Indeed, Google refuses to communicate its fraudulent accounts tracking methods. So you will just have a professional and polite answer but not give you any additional details about your suspend. Google generally evokes fraudulent clicks activities. Understand by this that you have clicked yourself on your own ads, or perhaps you invite friends to visit your site only to do it. Therefore, you will not have any opportunity to defend your situation: the exchange is generally closed by this response from Google.

So I am not only banned, but it provides me absolutely no reason I can’t defend myself, and I cannot join the program again?

Exactly, it’s quite dictatorial, but it’s how Google Adsense works. Maybe you haven’t done wrong, but Google has identified you as an owner of a cheater account, and you have been banned. It’s sad but it’s like that, and nobody can make you come back into the program. you are banned, and you have to simply accept. If you very carefully read the complete rules of Google Adsense, you agree by signing up for the program that you can be banned by Google any time without giving any explanations …

We ask you at this moment, please do not make the same mistake of several webmasters in IM world: inviting buddies to click on advertisements, or doing it yourself. In case you are spotted, the punishment will be very expensive. Also, note that all the cash you’ve earned in your Google Account before your banning will be lost and refunded to advertisers: there will be absolutely no way to recuperate it after.

Do not go doing anything at all, and especially not play with fire. As soon as your ads have been in their area, leave them well and don’t click, even for just to test them.

Adsense doesn’t please everybody

Adsense has disadvantages, besides his banishment system often evaluated too extreme. The criticism which is frequently made to Google may be the quality of ad targeting. Indeed, the program has become too large, and lots of advertisers distribute their ads campaigns through the Adsense system. So, Google is accused of no longer well managing this mass advertisements, and displaying a bit anything anywhere.

One more negative is that Adsense is accused of not being adequately rewarding publishers. Unfortunately, this is the kind of unverifiable information, simply because nobody really knows which ads relate and how much we can learn from each keyword.

Never say on the web how much you make with Adsense. This is part of the program conditions. You should not disclose the amount that you earn on the authority, under penalty of banishment.

I do not like Google Adsense, can I also use another AD network?

Yes, of course, it’s your website and you do as you like. However, note that Google Adsense is actually a leader in the P.P.C (paid per click) market on the web. There is almost no other serious alternative to Google Adsense. You may opt for AdFever which is another advertising network that operates close to Adsense, but because we haven’t tested it, we can’t recommend anything.


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