Search engines optimization (SEO) is known by many marketers as the magic wand in internet business. If you’re blessed and your website appears for many sorts of searches on Google (as well as other search engines), then you are the lucky receiver of free traffic, which hopefully will bless you with plenty of sales.

People that visit your website because of a search query are usually interested in what you have to offer. You did not interrupt their time to get in front of them, they sought you out. That’s a huge difference in the type of traffic you may get, and because of the nature of search engines traffic (highly targeted), it generally converts much better.


The Two Main Words To Understand S.E.O

In fact, search engines optimization (S.E.O) is really not that complicated, if you can remember two words you can understand S.E.O, those two words are twitch casino optimization and lucky charms sweepstakes casino authority. optimization is making sure that google (or other search engines) can understand what keywords you are targeting, what products and services you are selling, or where you are selling them, that’s optimization. But that alone is not enough to get you on the first page of search results, what you also need to do is: build authority.

21 casino free spins Building Authority is just making sure that google knows you have the best content for their users. The way that you build authority is by creating search compelling content that people are sharing across social networks and linking for around the internet. Google thinks this way: wow so many people are linking and sharing this across the web, it must be great. And as a result, they rank you a lot higher in the search results.

How exactly does Google Decide Who Shows Up First?

The most important thing in S.E.O is to understand how really search engines work. If you wanna get on the top of the search results you must understand the rules of the game. And at the moment, Google is the dominant search engine who is setting those rules. So once you understand how they determine who gets on the top of the search results, you will be more comfortable following the rules.

To help explain how search works let’s watch this video made by Google themselves, and presented by a guy called Matt Cutts. (he is recently the Google search face), he did an excellent job here by explaining and giving visuals:


How Search Engines Work Summary:

  • What Somebody Types In The Search Box:

Google is a service which trying to pick the most relevant webpages for the person who took a search query in the white box, this is where all the process starts. They try to understand the mentality of the customer and give him the most appropriate results for the keywords.


  • Does The Search Match Keywords In Title, text, images etc. On Your Page:

The next most important thing is the “On Page seo” optimization of your Webpage; the head title, paragraphs titles, body text, description, images etc. Everything should be optimized for the appropriate keywords, to make Google understand you are among the most relevant results for the typed keywords by the user. But that’s still not enough.


  • How Many Outside Links Point To Your Site (relevant & authority sites):

Also, another way they determine who gets on the top results is the amount of outside link that points to your site. Not only from any site but ones who are exactly relevant to your niche and has bigger authority.


SEO Search Engines Optimization, Ranking algorithm

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What To Optimize, Websites or Webpages ?:

A lot of people are getting wrong about the difference between websites and webpages. and the significants for S.E.O. So websites you can take them like a book, and the webpages are the individual pages of that book, this distinction seems useless, but it’s extremely important. because google in the search results presents the most relevant webpages not the most relevant websites.

For example, here when we search for mobile phones, it shows individual   Jobabo crypto casino free spins Webpages from the best relevant planet 7 oz 14 free spins Websites for the mobile phones search.

Workfromhomebeginner understand search engines

This is how search engines works generally, But I guess the point is a lot of people do not think about keyword research, on page optimization and building authority for individual pages, they think about just: I wanna get my website on the page number one in Google, that’s all.

In the next posts, we will discuss another important ranking factor: Google Algorithm Change.

Every year, Google changes its search formula around 600 times. While many of those modifications are minor, Google sometimes rolls out a “major” algorithmic update (such as Google Panda and Google Penguin) which has an effect on search results in considerable ways.

For online marketers, knowing the schedules of these Google changes will help clarify modifications in rankings and natural website traffic as well as improving search engines optimization.

Thanks for reading this article.


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