Affiliate Marketing

21Jan 2016
Affiliate marketing opportunityão-espirita.html A recent study by Jupiter Research confirms That over $2.1 billion fees were paid to blog and website owners in affiliate marketing during 2014. Which proves that Affiliate marketing has become one of the top business opportunities online because the startup costs can be extremely lower and the revenue you generate may be mind-blowing. How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing? Continue reading

24May 2015

ivermectin horse wormer amazon Dalian If you are asking yourself what this entire “affiliate marketing” and “make money online” thing is all about, then this article is made for you. But first you need to know exactly what’s beautiful in starting your Affiliate Marketing journey in this huge world.
You’ll also find the reason why it’s FANTASTIC to become an affiliate and how much cash you possibly can make and how you can start.
Let’s start with a basic definition of affiliate marketing, it is:

“A Web-based technique in which you (as an affiliate marketer) receives a commission for referring sales or customers to another business.” Continue reading

11Apr 2015

How to Choose CB products for Newbies



Clickbank is an extremely undervalued goldmine, and I constantly read, or get messages, from people who are ‘thinking’ of starting with CB. Unfortunately, when I check back on these people a few weeks later, they are still ‘thinking’ about it, or they gave up before they started.
It is extremely EASY for anyone to make a good income with CB…the mistake most people make is not to give it a proper try.

Most suffer from “paralysis by analysis”, i.e. they think too much into it, focus too much on learning the theory, and never taking action as they never feel they know enough to give it a go.

Others try, but make the classical mistake of opting to go for a high gravity (100+) product as they feel these are the easiest to get sales from. WRONG! These products will have way too much affiliate competition, and practically all avenues of promotion will be saturated. The only way to make sales out of these products is either if you are very good at a particular skill (e.g. seo, ranking YT videos, etc…) or if you can think outside the box and promote using a method that very few think about. So, here’s how to find good products to promote on CB if you are a newbie:

Search the marketplace for products with gravities 5 to 25. Trust me on this. You can find a lot of these goldmines in the health section of CB. Ignore products that have a gravity in this range BUT are in a very popular niche (e.g. weight loss and make money online – as this defeats the purpose of searching for low competition niches).

Next, have a look at the landing page – is it professionally designed and written, and is the product price reasonable ($17-$47)? If yes, email the vendor and tell them you are a prospective affiliate and would like a review copy. The most important part here is not to get the copy, but to see how the vendor responds. If they don’t even respond to your email, it means that they do not invest in their site or in their affiliates, and you should not waste time and money on it. Move on. If the vendor replies and is helpful, you know you’re on to a winner. The vendor must be one that believes in their product, helps their affiliates, and will likely keep improving their product and site (and hence, your profit). How to Promote

Next, promote. You do not need any special method to start making sales. Three easy methods are microniche sites, YT, or ppc (try bing ads). As we have picked a low gravity product (=low competition), then whichever method you use you’ll be advantaged:

1. If you set up a microniche site, or a YT video, it will be easy to get them ranked in Google (=low investment needed in SEO). P.S. For microniche sites, have at least 5 pages of content, ideally have about 10 pages. For YT, the key is to rank in Google. It is useless if you are in the top 3 in youtube search results but not in the first 2 pages of google. Build links to your video as you would for a normal site.

2. If you picked PPC, then you should be able to find low CPC keywords ($0.05-0.10). I recommend giving bing ads a try as they offer a free $50 signup voucher. To start with, target US, UK and Canada only, and if you are tight on money, keep your keywords highly targeted (not too broad). Have several variants of your ad. You should get a CTR of AT LEAST 1-2%. Anything below, there’s something very wrong with your campaign. Forget about facebook ads. Yes, there is potential in them if you really know what you’re doing, but generally newbies will lose money with fb ads.

Rāwala Kot termino de namoro musica Monitoring

Next, analyze your clickbank stats. If you get conversions of less than 1% (1 sale per 100 hops), there is something wrong. Either the vendor’s page is not as good as you thought, or there is a problem with your traffic (it is not targeted). Email the vendor and ask for advice. A helpful vendor should be happy to have a look at your site/method of promotion and give you advice. Scaling Up

Rinse and repeat for other 5-25 gravity products. As you become more skilled, and have more money to invest, start adding higher gravity products to your repertoire.

And, that’s it! Good luck and take action NOW!