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There is a new update for this review: >>>Learn How To Academy Scam Review The 2015 UPDATE<<<  Learn How To Academy scam Review “Learn How To Academy”, by Dianne Fisher, found at and is an elaborate con known as the link posting scam. Learn How To Academy and scams like it are in […]

7 SEO Myths revealed Ranking in the top of search engines, like Google, is vital when attempting to run and monetize an online business. This is the reason why Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O) has evolved as an art form as well as its own niche; everybody wants to know the “formula” of how to get to the first page and will devote their time and […]

Monetize your website with Google Adsense, how to start: If you browse the net regularly, which is probably your case when you read this article, then you may noticed advertising on many websites. Have you ever wondered how these commercials came on these websites and for what reason? as a beginner in this huge world, […]

creating a good quality content Today we suggest to share with you one of the major challenges of the web; creating good quality content. The content quality of your website is vital to a successful SEARCH ENGINE RANKING OPTIMIZATION. Content is king. You will hear that term frequently when it comes seo success. Indeed, that’s […]

As we have experienced with the themes, WordPress provides a fantastic freedom in customizing your website with a simplified to the maximum process. As well as we were able to modify very easily the style of our website, we can also add new functionality using plugins. Plugins are generally modules to install separately to increase […]

How to Modify WordPress appearance Your website identity depends especially on the graphic theme: all the visual features of your site, such as colors, text size, background images or arrangement of blocks in pages. When you installed WordPress, you didn’t have the opportunity to choose the used stylesheet, and for good reason: it’s installed by default and it’s […]

The life of a site, particularly a blog is not necessarily limited to the action of one person (in your case). It also requires the involvement of visitors who can bring their thoughts to your articles, and other writers who can invest in enriching your content. comments If your site is successful, there is a […]

Your site is now installed and ready to use, but it’s still terribly empty! Here’s how to fix this by adding content to visitors. Articles WordPress content is organized into two types: articles and pages. The difference is the type of content you will publish. An article will generally be a topical content because it […]