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quality content

Today we suggest to share with you one of the major challenges of the web; creating good quality content. The content quality of your website is vital to a successful SEARCH ENGINE RANKING OPTIMIZATION.

Content is king. You will hear that term frequently when it comes seo success. Indeed, that’s the reason why the Periodic Table Of SEO Success Factors starts with the content “elements,” with the first element being about quality content .


Original content has two aspects, the fact that this article is the work of the author, and to exhibit some form of originality to capture the reader. In conclusion, your own publication should have a good value for the readers.

Importance of the title

It is very important create attractive titles., 80% of Internet users read your title, only 20% browse the rest. The title of the post is the first thing your readers notice, it is as vital as the content itself.

Operational solutions

The most efficient content should be a form of that give your reader the keys to apply your advice.

Providing answers

Using internet search engine is like trying to find the answer for a question, or a solution for the problem. Your content must provide the proper answer immediately. Nowadays,almost all content online marketers make an effort to bring real value for their readers.


Give accurate, up-to-date and verified information.

If you communicate on a company , begin focusing to offer precise and verified information for your reputation as well as your business. Links for your statistical sources are always recommended.

When you generate links to other websites you are:

  • Rating the quality of sites that on which are pointing your links
  • Citing Your sources to the maximum
  • Helping search engines in order to categorize your website / blog

Try to engage

Some recommendations to engage your readers:

  • Ask questions from your visitors
  • Make a promise for your readers in the introduction
  • Tell the experiences

Illustrate your elements

Keep in mind that a picture is worth a thousand words. And you can add a custom made graphic which is certainly greater than a picture directly from an image bank. Illustrate your posts with images, videos, diagrams, charts, examples, etc …

Write brief texts related to original articles

It is very important to learn how to eliminate the surplus of information and go directly to the point. A short article summarizing an original longer and more detailed may have more effect. Google doesn’t calculate the size of your content based on the number of words. Also, a mobile user will see the advantage of a short article.
Make regular updates
Holding a website or blog is really a daily commitment. Visitors like the search engines expect an update frequency of the order at least one or two times a week to get a good idea of your site.

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